This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in and

About us

Our mission

EOSC-hub brings together multiple service providers to create the Hub: a single contact point for European researchers and innovators to discover, access, use and reuse a broad spectrum of resources for advanced data-driven research.

For researchers, this will mean a broader access to services supporting their scientific discovery and collaboration across disciplinary and geographical boundaries.

The project mobilises providers from the EGI Federation, EUDAT CDI, INDIGO-DataCloud and other major European research infrastructures to deliver a common catalogue of research data, services and software for research. 

EOSC-hub collaborates closely with eInfraCentral, EOSCpilot, GÉANT 4.2, OpenAIRE-Advance and the RDA Europe 4.0 projects to deliver a consistent service offer for research communities across Europe.

EOSC-hub is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 777536. The generous EU funding received by the project is complemented with a contribution from the EGI Foundation and its participants, and in-kind contributions made available by service providers of the EGI Federation.

Key facts

  •  Start: January 2018
  •  End: December 2020
  • 100 partners from 53 countries, including 19 research communities
  • 13 work packages
  • 49 services ready for use 

Project objectives

  • Simplify access to a broad portfolio of products, resources and services provided by the major pan-European and international organisations through an open and integrated service catalogue
  • Remove fragmentation of service provisioning and access to high-quality digital services in Europe and beyond through the technical integration and adoption of standards for interoperability of compute, storage, data and software platforms
  • Consolidate e-Infrastructures by expanding capacity and capabilities and improving service quality
  • Widen the access to services to all user groups including researchers, high-education, business organisations and expand the user base
  • Provide a knowledge hub
  • Increase innovation capacity of research e-infrastructures.


Tiziana Ferrari, as EOSC-hub Project Coordinator, will be responsible for the overall project management including administrative and financial management within and across work packages. 

The Project Management Board, under the coordination of Per Öster, Project Director, will supervise the project strategy and implementation. 

Giacinto Donvito will lead the Technology Committee, a body created to evolve the project's technical roadmap and supervise the contribution to open source community projects.