Services for the European Open Science Cloud

Early Adopter Programme Application Form

Provide full names with affiliations
Please write a brief and plain explanation of the proposed project and the scientific or technical challenge it will address. Please specify how the research community will benefit from this project.
Please specify what kind of technology you are using (Grids, Cloud computing, HPC, HTC, data storage, data repositories, data management systems, data discovery services, etc.) and the related Technology Readiness Level (TRL) (please, provide evidence of the declared TRL with links to technical documentation, papers, etc)
Please explain what services and resources you are planning to use and integrate and the benefits that you are expecting from the new developed solution.
Please state the area of science of the project including one or more codes from the OECD Frascati Fields of Science most appropriate to the project, the codes can be consulted at
Please specify the minimum amount of resources needed to execute services involved in your project in terms of CPU cores, RAM, storage for data analysis
Please specify the amount of resources in terms of CPU cores, RAM, storage for data analysis needed to scale-up your Project after the completion of the pilot
Please describe your data sets in volume and granularity and specify the minimum amount of archive storage as well as the access requirements for long-term archiving
Please specify the amount of storage for long-term archiving and corresponding data policies
Is the data to be handled Regulated data, Privacy-sensitive etc.?