This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in and

EOSC-hub Competence Centres


This RDSA Data Manager provides two main products, an SDS policy manager, and a generic framework to define new policy managers.

First, an SDS policy manager, launched by the script in This is an extensible policy manager, that is able to run a sequence of policies/rules on a list of SDS daily files. Its objective is to be easy to configure, through the configuration of the existing rules, and also easy to extend, with the addition of new policies.

Second, the RuleManager class, that is the base to the SDS manager, but is also able to transparently apply a sequence of policies to a collection of data items of different types, as long as the policies accept these types.

Federated AAI for EIDA Services

EIDA is the European Integrated Data Archive infrastructure within ORFEUS to provide access to seismic waveform data and related metadata in European archives. EIDA has been stablised in 2013.  EPOS-ORFEUS Competence Center works on new federated seismological services for EIDA. The presentation slides introduced the new Authentication and Authorization for EIDA developed by the CC. The two presentations were given in EGU 2019 conference, April 10th 2019, Vienna, and in EPOS Seismology Meeting, May 7th 2019, Potsdam, respectively.

A user documentaion is also avaialbe at:


This set of training materials introduce ELIXIR AAI service for user authentication and authorisation. The service is developed by the ELIXIR Compence Center. The training is delivered during the ECCB 2019 conference

DIRAC Portal for EISCAT Data

This material provides detailed information about EISCAT data portal built on EGI Workload Manage service (using DIRAC technology). The prototype service is developed by EOSC-hub EISCAT-3D Competence Centre.