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Presentation by Philippines

Training content used during the Disaster Mitigation Workshop @APAN45

Case Study on Typhoon Haiyan

Training content used during the Disaster Mitigation Workshop @APAN45

Data Management in Research Proposals and beyond

Training content used during the Data Management in Research Proposals workshop, 07/11/2019

Coastal Modeling and Forecasting

Training content used during the MedCoast conference 

Real Use Case Session: the ENES climate analytics service

This training event has been provided during Real Use Case sessions at the EUDAT CDI - PRACE Summer School in Trieste. It was divided into two main blocks: a first part concerning theoretical aspects of the scientific data management life cycle, EOSC, ECAS, ECASLab and the Ophidia framework; and a second more practical part concerning live demos about the main ECASLab features, as well as a series of guided Hands-on exercises about climate data management and analysis through Jupyter Notebooks.