This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in and

Disaster Mitigation Competence Centre Plus (DMCC+)

EOSC-hub Competence Centre

The Disaster Mitigation Competence Centre Plus (DMCC+) community assembles and makes available simulation services for the support of climate and disaster mitigation research. The community makes regional e-Infrastructures from Asia-Pacific compatible with EOSC-hub to support the sharing of data, tools and knowledge among collaborators in Asia, Europe and beyond.


The vision of DMCC+ is pursuing humanity sustainable development in Asia by reducing the impacts of natural disasters. Centred on the primary barrier of disaster mitigation, DMCC+ aims to build up capacity of disaster risk analysis by deeper understanding and innovative simulation services. DMCC+ aims to conduct case studies on tsunami, storm surge, flood, forest fire monitoring and dust transportation and demonstrating the use of deeper understanding and advanced numerical simulation approaches.


The CC continued to support the WRF-based weather simulation portal and the iCOMCOT-based tsunami wave propagation simulation portals. They use EGI High-Throughput Compute resources from the Asia-Pacific VO of EGI, and have been developed during the EGI-Engage project. The CC initiated the inclusion of these portals in the EOSC-hub service catalogue.

The development of a new, storm surge simulation portal prototype concluded, and the setup is currently under testing.

Studying the interoperability of Asia-Pacific and European EOSC-hub services is underway, and will continue in the next period. The goal is to define a roadmap for the adoption of the latest, EOSC-related European practices and interfaces in the Asia Pacific e-infrastructure community.

EOSC-hub services

EGI Cloud Compute, EGI High-Throughput Compute


ASGC (Taiwan)