This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in and

EOSC DevOps framework and virtual infrastructure for ENVRI-FAIR common FAIR data services

EOSC-hub Early Adopter


Science Area: Earth and related environmental sciences


ENVRI-FAIR connects the Environmental Research Infrastructure (ENVRI) community to the European Open Science Cloud.

Use cases of the adopter:

  • Automated cloud execution for data workflow
  • Continuously testing and integration for ENVRI services
  • Notebook based environment for FAIR data access and processing



Specific steps:

  • Get resources and test the EOSC services
  • DevOps pipeline configured and demonstrated with at least 2 services
  • Automated workflow execution in Cloud
  • Extended the involved service and explore sustainability options

EOSC-hub supporting services:

EGI Cloud Compute, EGI Online Storage, Jelastic PaaS, EGI Notebooks

Supported community:

ENVRI-FAIR project


CESGA, INFN, Jelastic