This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in and


EOSC-hub Competence Centre

ICOS is a pan-European research infrastructure for quantifying and understanding Europe’s greenhouse gas balance. Its mission is to collect high-quality observational data and to promote its use, e.g. to model greenhouse gas fluxes or to support verification of emission data. ICOS brings together more than 130 measurement stations across the atmosphere, ecosystem and marine domains.

The ICOS - eLTER Competence Centre groups two scientific communities: 


The ICOS group integrates and tests generic services from the EOSC-hub portfolio with the ICOS Carbon portal to provide a scalable environment for researchers wishing to monitor and analyse carbon processes. The eLTER group aims to develop and share data analysis workflows with the Long Term Ecosystem Research communities through user-friendly interfaces and on top of scalable compute systems.


ICOS: The CC expects to run with actual near real-time data and full production or near real-time data in 2020. The resulting data is to be automatically ingested and be published in the ICOS Carbon Portal and at the Thematic Centre. At this stage the integration of the data flow from EAA can also start.

eLTER: Activities focused on the implementation of the "Data Validation Lab" use case, work involved formulation of the use case and the evaluation of the required infrastructure provided by EOSC-Hub. The implementation of the use case workflows is foreseen for the first half of 2020. Migration to production at FZJ will be evaluated after the prototyping phase.

EOSC-hub services


eLTER: EGI Cloud Compute, B2SHARE, B2DROP




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