This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in and


CompInfra-07h00-Session Responses

Training materials used during the CODATA-RDA School 2020

CompInfra-14h00-Session Responses

Training content used during the CODATA-RDA School 2020


This RDSA Data Manager provides two main products, an SDS policy manager, and a generic framework to define new policy managers.

First, an SDS policy manager, launched by the script in This is an extensible policy manager, that is able to run a sequence of policies/rules on a list of SDS daily files. Its objective is to be easy to configure, through the configuration of the existing rules, and also easy to extend, with the addition of new policies.

Second, the RuleManager class, that is the base to the SDS manager, but is also able to transparently apply a sequence of policies to a collection of data items of different types, as long as the policies accept these types.

EOSC-hub project

Training material used during the Environmental Computing Workshop@ISGC2018

The mostly complete chart of Neural Networks, explained

Training material used during the third International School on Open Science Cloud is “Intelligent Systems”

Data Science: State of the Art

Training material used during the hird International School on Open Science Cloud is “Intelligent Systems”

Introduction to Intelligent Infrastructures

Training materials used during the third International School on Open Science Cloud is “Intelligent Systems”

EOSC-hub WP11 Train the Trainer Webinar

Train the Trainer webinar organized by EOSC-hub WP11 

An EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC Service Management System

This webinar will introduce the Service Management System based on the FitSM standard for IT Service Management developed and deployed by EOSC-hub for EOSC, with a particular focus on the Service Portfolio Management as a key and highly strategic process. The structure of the EOSC Service Portfolios will be also presented.

An EOSC-hub proposal for the EOSC Technical Architecture

This webinar will describe the Reference Technical Architecture for EOSC proposed by EOSC-hub during the recent EOSC-hub Technical Workshop.

The proposed architecture is based on the concepts of service composability and interoperability. Service categories and relationships between them will be presented. The process to define interoperability guidelines for different technical areas will be also depicted.

Who should attend:

Service providers, Users, members of other EOSC implementation projects including EOSC cluster projects, members of EOSC working groups, European and national e-infrastructures, European and national research infrastructures

Key Takeaways for attendees

  • EOSC Technical Reference architecture proposed by EOSC-hub
  • Classification of services within EOSC
  • Status of the EOSC-hub work to define interoperability guidelines for EOSC macro-features (Federating core, AAI, Cloud and Container computing, FAIR data management, etc.)