This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in and


EOSC-hub Services Overview

This set of slides give an introduction of all EOSC-hub services aiming to provide an overview of the services for end users.

SOSC19: Wrap-up and Opportunities

Training material used during the  third International School on Open Science Cloud is “Intelligent Systems”

A visual and intuitive understanding of deep learning

Training material used during the third International School on Open Science Cloud is “Intelligent Systems”

Access to Google TPUs

Training material used during the third International School on Open Science Cloud is “Intelligent Systems”

Deliverable 5.4 Initial Training Materials

This interim report describes the approach taken to creating training materials in the FREYA project and provides an overview of the materials created and links to them. Up to this point in the project the team has migrated and update the FREYA Knowledge Hub to a new location on FREYA has also collaborated with a wide range of stakeholders, including other European projects, to broaden the reach of the training materials and co-organise events which appeal to a broader audience, including co-organising several joint events and creating a guide on personal identifiers. The report also discusses the successes and challenges encountered in creating training materials thus far. In the next six months, prior to submission of the final report, the project will evaluate the training materials created and refine them where possible to better suit users’ needs.The sustainability of the Knowledge Hub content will also be addressed. In addition, with the ongoing development of the PID Graph, further materials will be created to support early adopters and all events will be evaluated to inform and improve future events.

Guidelines and Best Practises on Training Delivery

This is a support guide for those who develop training materials and deliver training events using EOSC-hub efforts. The purpose is for WP11 to efficiently manage training delivery and improve the quality of these events. This document also intends to collect best practices from our experienced trainers -- this will help to share experiences within EOSC-hub and beyond.

FitSM Training material

FitSM is a free and lightweight standards family aimed at facilitating service management in IT service provision, including federated scenarios. The main goals of FitSM are: Create a clear, pragmatic, lightweight and achievable standard that allows for effective IT service management (ITSM). Offer a version of ITSM that can cope with federated environments, which often lack the hierarchy and level of control seen in other situations. Provide a baseline level of ITSM than can act to support ‘management interoperability’ in federated environments where disparate or competing organisations must cooperate to manage services.