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Chipster - a user-friendly bioinformatics software for analyzing high-throughput data

Friday, November 20, 2020 - 14:00 to 15:00

Chipster is a user-friendly bioinformatics software for analyzing high-throughput data such as RNA-seq and single cell RNA-seq. Chipster provides an easy to use web interface for over 450 analysis tools and a large collection of reference genomes. Chipster allows users to visualize data interactively, and it keeps track of the analysis steps taken. This provenance tracking combined with an easy way to share analysis sessions with other users allows researchers to collaborate efficiently. 

Chipster was developed by CSC – IT Center for Science which also runs a national Chipster server in Finland. The Chipster code base is freely available and many institutes around the world have set up their own Chipster servers. EGI operates a Chipster server which is available for the whole scientific community.

Learning goal: 

The first half of this webinar gives an overview of Chipster, and how you can use the EGI Chipster service to analyze your NGS data. We will also introduce Chipster training resources ranging from YouTube tutorials to example analysis sessions to get you started. The second half of the webinar is targeted for service providers interested in setting up and operating a Chipster server for their user communities.


Training materials: