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DIRAC services for EGI users

Friday, October 23, 2020 - 15:00 to 16:00

DIRAC is a complete framework for building distributed computing systems of any level of complexity. Initially developed for the LHCb High Energy Physics experiment at the LHC collider at CERN, the framework was generalized for the use by multiple scientific communities in various domains. Services based on the DIRAC software are offered by several grid infrastructure projects such as France-Grilles or GridPP/UK. Since 2014, the DIRAC services have also been provided for the EGI users. 

Learning goal: 

During the webinar, an overview of the DIRAC framework will be presented together with a number of services offered to the users by EGI: how to manage user jobs in the EGI infrastructure, how to connect custom computing and storage resources, how to manage user data as well as automate regular tasks. Extending DIRAC with community custom services will be also discussed. 


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