Services for the European Open Science Cloud

EOSC-hub Data Platforms for data processing and solutions for publishing and archiving scientific data (Part I)

Friday, April 12, 2019 - 09:00 to 10:30

The main objective of this session is to show how EOSC services can be used for managing active research data (i.e. data transfer, storage, and sharing) and for preserving final research data (i.e. data archiving and publishing). During this training, we will give a brief overview of the EUDAT Services in the data life cycle and demonstrate how these services operate and integrate with each other to meet the data management requirements of research communities and comply with the FAIR principles - which require the data to be properly documented, annotated, archived, published and accessible to the wider community.

Learning goal: 

This training track is relevant for researchers, IT support people, and service providers who operate services for Open Science.


Vienna House Diplomat Prague



Target group: