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NGSchool 2018

Sunday, September 16, 2018 - 09:00 to Sunday, September 23, 2018 - 17:00

#NGSchool (Next Generation School) is a platform to share the expertise in the field of Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis and general Bioinformatics. Our aim is to deepen and broaden knowledge and skills in Bioinformatics of all participants. Our activities are dedicated to young researchers with at least basic background in biology/math/informatics that are willing to improve their Bioinformatics and NGS data analysis skills. We select participants primarily from less developed countries such as Central & Eastern European Countries.

So far we have organised 3 summer schools and co-organised number of local and satellite eventsSummer School in Bioinformatics & NGS Data Analysis is our flagship annual event. It connect experts and early stage researchers working with NGS data, in order to exchange their expertise and learn one from another. In addition, starting from 2018, we started organising number of local events.

Why is it important?

We are living in very fascinating moment in the history, so-called Genomics Era, when obtaining the whole genome sequence of any individual becomes trivial task at affordable cost. Personalised medicine, a health-care system in which medical decisions and health-care products are tailored for the individuals based on their predicted response or risk of disease, is just around the corner. It is crucial to train the future experts, that will drive this revolution also in our region.

How many users does usually partecipate?

Our events are attended by 20-70 people, majority of those are PhD students and Post-docs, but researchers at all career stages are welcome! Summer schools usually welcome 40-60 people, of those 1/3 are speakers. For example, #NGSchool2018 will be attended by 60-70 participants including 20-30 speakers/hackathon mentors.



Learning goal: 

#NGSchool community is interdisciplinary, which results in interesting discussions and brings future experts from diverse disciplines together. The participants of #NGSchool represent various branches of Science, including biology, chemistry, engineering, medicine, computer science and related disciplines.


While this is educational project, its outputs are not limited to education. The participants interacts with excellent researchers, thus they have unique opportunity to exchange ideas with experts. Moreover, this project expose the participants to other young investigators using similar techniques and most likely facing similar problems in their professional life. During the #NGSchool2016, we have created a new platform for exchanging ideas and seeking support for rapidly growing NGS and bioinformatics community in V4 countries.

Finally, this is great networking opportunity for future experts from the fields of bioinformatics, genomics and personalised medicine. We believe that this event will result in new, fascinating collaborative projects across V4 and beyond.


Lublin, Poland


Target group: