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EOSC-hub Demo: Addressing issues relating to climatic variability and sustainable use of forests with EODESM

The Earth Observation Data for Ecosystem Monitoring (EODESM) is a complex and expandable system that generates land cover and change maps based primarily on the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)  Land Cover Classification System (LCCS).   Previously, EODESM was used within the computing infrastructures of participating institutions where access was limited (including to the satellite data used as input) and processing speeds were relatively low.  The EOSC-hub project has allowed EODESM to open up EODESM to the wider community and demonstrate potential for generating land cover and change maps for any site globally and for multiple points in time.
In this demonstration, Professor Richard Lucas from the Aberystwyth University,Wales, shows the potential of EODESM to address issues relating to climatic variability and sustainable use of forests, with examples of the impacts of bushfires on Australia’s forests and Hurricane Dorian on the Bahamas. The demo will also describe how commercial harvesting of forests can be monitored to support sustainable use via a series of examples from the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve Peninsular Malaysia.

The service is now available in the EOSC Marketplace & Portal.

Watch the demo below!

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