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Coupling Data & HPC with EUDAT & PRACE


Coupling Data & HPC with EUDAT & PRACE
Let's meet at: 11:30 - 13:00 | 17 April 2018

You can't miss it if you are interested in leveraging the results of the collaboration and use HPC and data resources combined


  • Highlight the results of the EUDAT-PRACE cross e-infra collaboration
  • Discuss how the results of this collaboration will enter the EOSC framework
  • Describe how this collaboration will develop in the future and how users can build on it


The European Collaborative Data Infrastructure (EUDAT) and the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) are joining forces to help research communities gaining access to high quality managed e-Infrastructures where resources (HPC and data) can be connected together to enable cross-utilization use cases. The capability to couple data and compute resources together is considered a key factor to fuel scientific innovation and advance research frontiers. In ever growing scientific and industrial domains, the use of large-scale instruments (synchrotron, telescopes, satellites, sequencers, network of sensors, scanners), supercomputers and open data archives is leading towards the convergence among HPC, High throughput Computing, Networks and Data Management facilities.

The current EUDAT-PRACE collaboration is based on the implementation of community pilots resulting from periodic joint calls for proposals. In particular, since 2014 EUDAT is regularly contributing to PRACE DECI Calls offering data services to projects interested in managing data throughout or after the end of PRACE grants.

The goal of this session is to present cross-utilization possibilities between the two infrastructures, the results of the collaboration activity achieved so far and how users can apply for obtaining combined resources in the future.