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EOSC-hub Service Catalogue


EOSC-hub Service Catalogue 
Let's meet at: 16:00 - 18:00 | 16 April 2018
Chairs: Sergio Andreozzi (EGI); Marc van de Sanden (SURFsara & EUDAT CDI); Matthew Viljoen (EGI)

You can't miss it if you are a service provider wanting to add your services in the EOSC-hub service catalogue or if you are generally interested in contributing feedback on the evolution of the EOSC-hub service catalogue and its rules of engagement.


This session will include discussions covering the initial service offering which comprises the EOSC-hub Service Catalogue, the service strategy and rules of engagement for potential service providers to join the EOSC-hub.


A fundamental component of the EOSC-hub service offering is the Service Catalogue. Currently, this comprises existing service from partners within the project. EOSC-hub will also opens up the service catalogue to include external services that wish to benefit from the common integrated hub being developed. This will provide communities and service providers an additional channel to promote their services and can use this as an additional channel for service delivery. 

This session covers the work being done that brings this to a reality - which services form the initial Service Catalogue and the initial ideas on the service roadmap for future evolution. It will provide a platform to discuss the criteria for the rules of engagement and technical requirements that enable new services to join the Service Catalogue.


16:00-16:30 Service Portfolio Management (SPM) in EOSC-hub, Sergio Andreozzi
16:30-17:30 Service Management Framework and Principles of Engagement, Sy Holsinger (on behalf of the EOSCpilot project)
17:00-17:30 EOSC-hub Rules of Participation, Mark van de Sanden
17:30-18:00 Operational Requirements for Entry into the EOSC-hub Service Catalogue, Matthew Viljoen