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Leading e-infrastructure project communities into EOSC



Leading e-infrastructure project communities into EOSC
Let's meet at: 16:00 - 17:30 | 17 April 2018

You can't miss it if you are a developer or provider of science domain specific IT services, with an interest in providing services via the EOSC-hub or if you are a scientist or representative of a scientific group wishing to access discipline-specific services through EOSC.


  • Introduce science discipline specific service developer projects
  • Exchange views on how services from H2020 e-infrastructure initiatives should be channelled into EOSC
  • Discuss the role of EOSC-hub in validating and supporting such services


This session will include presentations from scientific communities that are currently building domain-specific e-infrastructures in the context of various H2020 projects.

The presentations will introduce the domain-specific e-infrastructures, the relationship between them and EOSC-hub services, and also the role these international initiatives see for themselves in the future EOSC. 

H2020 e-infrastructure project communities represent a large segment of e-infrastructure users and providers, often acting as ‘incubators’ of new services that – after the initial use within the developer projects – can be positioned towards large, multi-national user bases. Recognising and channelling such services into EOSC is therefore seen as an important goal in EOSC-hub.

The session will facilitate this process and will provide opportunity for the speakers and the audience to discuss how EOSC-hub should interface with project initiatives and them sustain and promote their services to broader, disciplinary and interdisciplinary users. 



- Gergely Sipos: Welcome and introduction
- Anders Larsson: The Phenome and Metabolome aNalysis (PhenoMeNal) project
- Laia Codo: Multi Scale Genomics (MuG) project
- Nuno Catarino: NextGEOSS project
- Enol Fernandez: AGINFRA+ project (Agriculture and food)
- Discussion