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National e-Infrastructures: Status reports and future plans



National e-Infrastructures: Status reports and future plans
Let's meet at: 14:00 - 15:30 | 17 April 2018
Chairs: Gergely Sipos (EGI), Matthew Viljoen (EGI)

You can't miss it if you are a representative from a national service provider or a European resource organization or if you are interested in how EGI's international infrastructure is evolving.


This session enables national service providers and European research organizations to highlight success stories, future plans and any relevant news. It will provide an opportunity to share common topics across the federation.


EGI relies on its participants; the national service providers (NGIs) and European Research Organizations to provide advanced e-infrastructure services and related support to different user groups. This session puts the EGI participants into the spotlight to present and discuss recent success stories and future plans concerning the operation of national e-infrastructure services, adoption of EGI services in the national context, engagement with and support for new user communities. The session will consist of a short introduction of EGI's international structure, followed by short talks from the NGIs.


14:00 Overview of infrastructure and operations plans (Matthew Viljoen)
14:15 EGI Engagement Plan (Gergely Sipos)
14:30 Updates from Croatia (Emir Imamagic)
14:45 Updates from Ibergrid (João Pina)
15:00 Updates from Hungary (Jozsef Kovacs)
15:15 Updates from Turkey (Hakan Bayindir)