This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in and

Business and sustainability models for services and the Hub

Short description

Business and Sustainability models are crucial for long-term planning of EOSC. In addition to grounding the discussions about finances, they also provide foundations for ensuring the trust of users and user communities in the continued delivery of services. This KER provides a definition for the planned “EOSC Federating Core”, including a cost assessment, a proposed value proposition for the EOSC   evaluation of procurement and service delivery models applicable to different EOSC scenarios, and consideration of issues related to cross-border service provision and cross-sectoral VAT compliance.

Key benefits for EOSC

By proposing a definition of the EOSC Federating Core, this KER provides a basis for determining the costs and possible business models required to provide the EOSC and permits identification of the importance of “Shared Resources” - services and scientific products of pan-European relevance which are developed by a given discipline but used more broadly by external user communities and additional disciplines. By providing recommendations on procurement frameworks and supporting business models, and on ways in which the EOSC can support the delivery of Shared Resources such as cross-border storage and compute services in Europe, this KER points the way towards further activities required to deliver an EOSC which adds value for users and resource providers. Clear and intuitive business models will increase flexibility, lower barriers to entry and reduce compliance costs in service provision and consumption by the EOSC stakeholders, and are thus important inputs to EOSC sustainability planning. This KER contributes to the work of  EOSC policy bodies, in particular to the EOSC Sustainability Working Group and EOSC Architecture Working Group.

Use and impact after EOSC-HUB

Proposals and recommendations from this KER have provided input to:

and have informed the preparation of the INFRAEOSC-03 project proposal expected to provide the EOSC-Core in the next phase of the implementation of the EOSC.


Briefing Paper EOSC Federating Core

Briefing Paper EOSC Federating Core v2.0

Briefing Paper Provision of Cross-Border Services


D2.5 Final Governance and Sustainability Roadmap

D12.1 Procurement requirements and demand assessment

D12.2 Report on business model analysis for procuring services in the EOSC

D12.3 Business models and procurement: evaluation and recommendations

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