This is a website for an H2020 project which concluded in 2019 and established the core elements of EOSC. The project's results now live further in and

EOSC Digital Innovation Hub (DIH): Platform for Industrial collaborations with EOSC

Short description

The EOSC DIH provides a clear interface for commercial innovation that can be supported by EOSC as part of the broader European Digital Innovation Hub landscape (such as free access trials). It is a multi-dimensional mechanism that allows research e-Infrastructures to support business organisations to stimulate innovation, as well as helping start-ups, SMEs, and other innovative actors to tap into the academic world both in accessing knowledge as well as technical services. The final goal of the EOSC DIH is to create a one-stop-shop that brings IT services, research data, technology and expertise into a single place to support innovation in the industry to become more competitive. EOSC DIH offers several public-private collaboration models around piloting and co-design of new services (proof-of-concept work, performance testing, etc.), technical access to different “as a Service” resources (HPC/HTC/Cloud computing, storage, data management and higher-level services), training and support (Technical consultancy, service management, commercialisation) and visibility, using the DIH as a networking tool to expand beyond local markets.

Related deliverables

Key benefits for EOSC

EOSC DIH allows to lower initial investment (time and effort) for identifying/accessing services and developing/testing new products and services as well as increasing visibility and networking opportunities at  European level. It will be continued as an activity in the context of EOSC and the wider network of digital innovation hubs. In the long-run, it can provide a formalisation of the knowledge and expertise into procedure descriptions, standardised consulting offerings or certification schemes.

Use and impact after EOSC-HUB

The EOSC DIH will be followed up by EOSC Future project as the mechanism to centralise the multiple innovation and business collaboration initiatives around the EOSC. The experience and knowledge generated working with companies on the business pilots would be used as input for the EOSC Governance for defining the innovation agenda of the EOSC and how to align it to major European initiatives. 

In addition, the cross border nature of the EOSC DIH allowed the generation of external collaboration with other European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs), links that have been defined as “DIH corridors” by the European Commission. The EOSC DIH will establish new corridors to cooperate with other EDIHs by complementing their technical offer which will imply a wider impact of the EOSC outside the research context.

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