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EOSC-DIH is now part of the official EU DIH catalogue

We are pleased to announce that the EOSC-hub DIH is now officially part of the EU Digital Innovation Hub Catalogue.

The EOSC Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) is a mechanism for private companies to collaborate with public sector institutions in order to access technical services, research data, and human capital. The final goal is to create a one-stop shop that brings IT services, research data, and expertise into a single place to support innovation in industry.

The value proposition of the EOSC-hub DIH can be summarised in five key areas:

Brokerage and innovation

  • Facilitate effective collaboration within local and international networks.
  • Promote “open innovation” as the concept used to leverage resources available in the e-Infrastructure network and strategically maanage business innovation processes.
  • Generate innovation ecosystems around e-Infrastructures.
  • Create a wider community adding researchers, web-entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, investors and corporates from different sectors and geographies.
  • Expose startups/SMEs to new markets, cultures and business opportunities.

Provide the means for business incubation of innovative ideas

  • Activities in this space include, but not limited to:
  • Identifying and refining innovative ideas and facilitating the start-up of operational groups.
  • Providing the necessary expertise and infrastructure (data, hardware, software, platforms).
  • Creating conditions for showcase of benefits of new services and products within the e-infrastructure.

Access to public and private funding and facilitate market uptake  

  • A dedicated unit aims to support both pilots and Competence Centres (CCs) to build-up successful market take-up and commercial boost strategy, through tailor-made coaching, market insights and network with investors/corporate. A business oriented coaching team will be established with the mission to accelerate pilots and CCs market uptake and exploitation of main achievements/ results.

Support entrepreneurship

  • Creating opportunities for industry to obtain resources (i.e. products, services, data, platforms and testing facilities) to establish new business
  • Gaining new competencies and skills within research and academic spaces for supporting spin-outs.
  • Fostering the re-use of open e-infrastructures ecosystems for innovation.
  • Improving exploitation of thematic/community-driven services among e-infrastructures.


  • Service specific tutorials, business coaching webinars and formal certification in service management according to FitSM.

Find out more on the European Commission website.

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