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HLEG Report ‘Prompting an EOSC in practice’ is now out

The High Level Expert Group European Open Science Cloud (HLEG-EOSC) has published the report Prompting an EOSC in practice with recommendations to drive the EOSC forward and implement the EOSC.

The HLEG-EOSC was set up in June 2017 to advise the European Commission on the measures needed to implement the European Open Science Cloud. The group liaised with Horizon 2020 projects, national initiatives, the Commission expert group on Turning FAIR data into reality and the Open Science Policy Platform, to obtain a cross-cutting view of the EOSC landscape.

The final report contains 32 pragmatic recommendations to address, for example, inclusiveness for all researchers, lowering barriers to entry, or to establish effective engagement with Research Infrastructures, ESFRIs and ERICs.

Silvana Muscella, CEO & Founder Trust-IT Services and chair of the HLEG, adds:

We encourage the newly formed Executive Board to adopt an entrepreneurial approach in its thinking to making EOSC absolutely necessary for the community in demonstrating the added-value of its trusted services, supporting & putting into practice flexible business models, in its user centric, reward scheme approach and its valuable content - incentivising all stakeholders to actively engage."

Prompting an EOSC in practice is available from the EU Publications Office.

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