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Provide feedback now: EOSC-hub Briefing Paper on Cross-Border Services (CLOSED)

EOSC stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on an EOSC-hub briefing paper.  Deadline for contribution is 9 October 2020 and is now CLOSED.

EOSC-hub has produced a Briefing Paper on Cross-Border Services which identifies and discusses issues in cross-border provision of rivalrous services such as compute and storage in the European Open Science Cloud based on simulated negotiations between users and suppliers in use cases involving the ELIXIR and ASTRON communities, and the application of “platform design” thinking to the EOSC.

The Briefing Paper contains insights drawn from the work and proposes recommendations for the EOSC around ways in which it can better match supply and demand of services for research, and relating to the funding of cross-border services.

The challenges of creating a sustainable EOSC are such that they should be tackled by an overarching collaboration of EOSC stakeholders. The paper’s recommendations are therefore put forward for further discussion.  A consultation on the recommendations has been launched and your feedback is very welcome.

UPDATE: Following the deadline the consultation has now been closed. Please see the final document.

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