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Robotbenchmark – cloud-based robot simulations on the EOSC Marketplace

The robotbenchmark service is now published on the EOSC Marketplace and available for scientists with an interest in robotics.

Robotbenchmark is a cloud-based 3D robot simulation software that provides a series of robotics challenges, including performance evaluation metrics. Through robotbenchmark, researchers can program simulated robots in python and run the simulation to evaluate the performance of their robot controllers. A ranking of the best performing robot controllers is stored for each benchmark, including a simulation playback capability.

“The service launched in August 2017 and we have today 1048 registered users,” says Olivier Michel, CEO of Cyberbotics Ltd. “Of these, 916 contributed to develop intelligent robot controllers in Python programming language, to improve the performance of autonomous robots on a series of challenging tasks.”

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Robotbenchmark is based on a fully open source software stack and is compatible with the open science goals of the EOSC Portal.

The service is developed by Cyberbotics Ltd and is accessible free of charge through the EOSC Marketplace.

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