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Upcoming EOSC-hub trainings

CODATA-RDA Summer School 2019

The CODATA-RDA Research Data Science Summer School will take place from 5 August to 16 August 2019 in Trieste, Italy.  The School will provide training in the foundational skills of Research Data Science. Contemporary research – particularly when addressing the most significant, transdisciplinary research challenges – cannot be done effectively without a range of skills relating to data. This includes the principles and practice of Open Science and research data management and curation, the use of a range of data platforms and infrastructures, large scale analysis, statistics, visualisation and modelling techniques, software development and annotation and more. We define ‘Research Data Science’ as the ensemble of these skills.

SOCS 2019: Third International School on Open Science 

The SOCS 2019 will take place from 16 September to 20 September 2019 in Bologna, Italy and is organised by INFN, University of Perugia and University of Bologna. The school is targeted at postgraduate researchers including bachelor degree or equivalent in fields such as physics, statistics, computer science, computer vision, biology, medicineengineering working at any research institute, with experience in data analysis, in computing or in related fields. The theme of this edition of the school is "Intelligent Systems". As in previous years, the school will consist of a series of lectures, seminars and hands-on sessions.

BioExcel Summer School on Biomolecular Simulations 2019

The BioExcel Summer School on Biomolecular Simulations 2019 will take place from 1 July to 5 July 2019 in Pula, Italy. The summer school is intended for researchers (primarily PhD and post-docs) using or planning to use biomolecular modeling and simulation in their everyday research. Familiarity with Linux and some basic knowledge of molecular modelling software is a requirement. The school will include lectures and hands-on sessions on topics such as molecular dynamics simulations, biomolecular docking, QM/MM, free energy calculations. 

Summer School on managing scientific data from analysis to long term archiving

From 23 to 27 September 2019, EUDAT CDI and PRACE are organising a Summer School on "Managing scientific data from analysis to long term archiving". Taking place in the beautiful location of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) of Trieste (Italy), the school aims to build the foundational skills for managing and processing data within complex research environments. Starting from real use cases, the school will focus on all the steps part of a typical research data lifecycle (data discovery; data processing; data analysis; data preservation and publishing) combining frontal lessons with hands-on sessions.

Introduction to EGI Notebooks

The EGI Foundation team will deliver a training on the EGI Notebooks service in Yerevan, Armenia, on September 27, co-located with the Eastern Partnership E-Infrastructure Conference. This tutorial will introduce Jupyter and the open access EGI Notebooks service. The tutorial will go through the main features of the EGI Notebooks and show how to use it with Binder to implement Open Science. Participants will experience the system through hands-on exercises and can continue using these services after the training through the European Open Science Cloud. The tutorial will be relevant for researchers, and for programmers and IT-service providers who support research and education.

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