Services for the European Open Science Cloud

Introduction of the EGI Cloud Compute Service

Thursday, April 30, 2020 - 14:00

The EGI Federated Cloud is a IaaS-type cloud, made of academic private clouds and virtualized resources and built around open standards. Its development is driven by requirements of the scientific community. The result is a new type of research e-infrastructure, based on the mature federated operations services that make EGI a reliable resource for science.

When using EGI Federated Cloud resources, researchers and research communities can count on:

  • Total control over deployed applications

  • Elastic resource consumption based on real need

  • Immediately processed workloads – no more waiting time

  • An extended e-Infrastructure across resource providers in Europe

  • Service performance scaled with elastic resource consumption

Learning goal: 

In this webinar an overview of the EGI Federated Cloud and how this scalable computing platform can be used for data and/or compute driven research and/or support the development of advanced services for research and science will be provided by Enol Fernandez. The webinar will be relevant for researchers, and IT-service providers who support research and education.